Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sinus Infection Symptoms? The Air Quality in Your Car, Truck or RV Could Be The Culprit

As millions of people already know, a sinus infection or sinusitis can really be unpleasant, especially if it's chronic sinusitis, or 'constantly occurring'. Symptoms of a sinus infection include headaches, bloody or yellow / green discharge from the nose, pressure in the face, cough / congestion, to flu-like symptoms (aches, fatigue, etc.) if the bacteria or fungus has become systemic (in the bloodstream). And yes, a sinus infection can be 'caught' from another person, but more and more the true source of most sinus infections is poor air quality--and not just in our homes, but in our cars, trucks, and RV's.

Poor air quality in cars, trucks, and RV's is a real issue because people spend on average of 2-3 hours every day in their vehicles commuting to work, running errands, and 6-8 hours plus for many RV owners. And because most people don't wipe their feet before they get into a vehicle, don't clean their car, truck, or RV more than once a month, and have no way of filtering the outside air coming through vents, they often get a daily dose of allergy and sinus-infection-causing, air quality-lowering pollutants. These pollutants include: dust, pollen, mold spores, bacterial and fungal organisms, mold etc. that thrive on food particles and moisture, chemicals, pesticides, even airborne carpet or other fibers. And keep in mind that what seems like plain dust isn't plain at all. Dust often carries bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mold spores and more with it-carpet or other fibers can carry these, too.

Many cars, trucks, and especially RV's also have tiny leaks that allow moisture to get into the vehicle, which allows sinus-infection causing agents to thrive. RV's are particularly troublesome as they tend to have more seams that leak, which allows mold to grow, creates that mildew smell, and if you spend time there, allows a sinus infection to happen. RV air conditioners often promote mold and bacteria growth because they are rarely cleaned and the condensation provides the necessary moisture.

Wondering if you have a sinus infection? Other than the symptoms above, if you cough, sneeze or blow your nose and see red, yellow or green, you probably have a sinus infection and it's time to seek medical treatment, as once you have sinusitis, antibiotics are often needed.

But one of the best natural remedies or treatments/cures for sinus infections is cleaning up the indoor air in your car, truck or RV. To do that, any leaks would obviously need to be fixed, and regular cleaning established (at least once per week). But to seriously improve air quality, we recommend getting an air purifier designed for cars, trucks, RV's. Here are a couple of car / travel air purifiers we have found that are very effective, and low-cost.

For cars and trucks, we recommend the Clean Air 5000 from Vapor Eze--a compact, 5 Stage air purifier that includes HEPA, carbon and UV technology to remove particles and odors. For RV's and other travel uses, the Tiger Ozone-Free Air Purifier is an incredible value, providing a 2 year HEPA filter, carbon for odors and smoke, negative ions, no ozone, automatic sensors,and a remote. These air purifiers will not only help prevent sinus infections, but they may help treat a sinus infection / reduce symptoms if you have one.

We hope this information helps you avoid sinus infections and or reduce healing time. If you have any questions, please see the author box below.

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