Saturday, May 19, 2012

Get Fit Quick

Get Fit Quick?

Do you remember back in the days of junk mail, the endless stream of credit card offers or get rich quick money making schemes? Now, you get bombarded with the same promises of instant wealth or once in a life time offers to buy an 'amazing' product or service - except it's through your email account.

Were you ever tempted to explore the get rich quick money making schemes? Deep down you knew hard work and perseverance was the only way to make serious money. But why bust a gut trying to get rich if you don't have to?

For us strugglers trying to become or stay fit there are some smart gadgets that claim to make you feel fit without having to invest much effort. In fact, virtually no effort required except pressing a few buttons or switches.

I'm going to talk about a couple of such gadgets in this article. I admit I haven't gone out to buy and try but you could and I'd welcome your comments.

First off is the Bodi-Tek Ab-tek Belt, described as a quick and easy way to tone and firm the abs. It has six programmes with adjustable intensity and a LCD display. The belt fits all sizes. Oh, it also comes with a conductive gel. Is it worth it?

Here's the rationale behind the Bodi-Tek Ab Tek belt. When exercising, small electrical nerve signals stimulate the muscles to contract. "Bodi-Tek toners mimic these signals to simulate exercise, delivering advanced muscle development and performance".

Here's another device, the Slendertone System Abs, it uses the same technology as the Bodi-Tek belt. The sales pitch says, "advanced toning for firming and strengthening". Also thrown in with the price is a handheld rechargeable controller.

Do these keep fit gadgets have a similar attraction to the get rich quick schemes? Get rich quick without doing the hard work. Can I really get fit slouching on the couch?

The view from the website on Bodi-Tek Ab Tek is that, "the unit is not suitable for people who are overweight or those wearing a pacemaker. There are no health warnings on the official website to this end. Potential buyers must live in the United Kingdom or Europe to order the product. The lack of product description or information about how the unit works is enough to turn away most potential buyers".

It's not all bad though, here's a contrasting quote from a user in the UK - "well worth the money - can see the improvement already, only had it a few weeks can wear it anywhere even when eating".

These gadgets sound great, but I'm not convinced I'm really going to get fit slouching on the couch using these gadgets - even though it's a much more attractive alternative to working out at the gym or going out for a mile run.

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